10 Jul. 2022

Full Moon July 13: What really matters is how far we can go!

On July 13 we have full moon on the Cancer-Capricorn axis.
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2 Jul. 2022

Karmic Astrology for 2022: Let the pain go!

Karmic astrology studies the Lunar Nodes, Ketu and Rahu
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18 Jun. 2022

Karma happens: Meeting our New Us!

A karmic week full of revolution and irritability!
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15 Jun. 2022

The Arcane of the Week: Ace of Pentacles!

Read about the tendencies of the week June, 13-19 2022
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14 Jun. 2022

Sun in trine with Saturne: The efforts are rewarded!

In June 16, Sun in Gemini makes a great aspect with Saturn in Aquarius!
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10 Jun. 2022

Full Moon in Sagittarius: full of excitement!

Read which star signs are more affected!
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